Almost Done!

It is close to the end of the course. I learned a lot from others. Google educational apps helps me a lot. I really enjoy exploring new technology! Thanks for taking this course!


Really good resource to learn English. Articles, audios, videos…and so on. I will explore it more. I believe it will help with my English learning!

Google Education

Recently, I explored a lot about Google Education. Compare with wordpress. Google site is much easier to set up. WordPress is more like a DIY site. You can decide what it will like. It need take some time to be a expert about it. I will keep exploring these excellent  resources!!

Culture and Technology

Culture is an essential word in any area. Technology also needs to fit in culture background. Especially educational technology, the technology are used in classroom, it should consider students’ backgrounds. Some social medias are not suitable in China, such as Facebook, Youtube….

Google in China

For this course, I need to create a google site. However, my concern is that we can not use google site or wordpress in China. It is important to learn how to use google education in western countries. I don’ t want to lose my Chinese part. I hope this course can be a good chance for me to explore both western part and Chinese part.

Educational Technology in China

Just finished a online discussion with a teacher who is teaching in China. China developed very quickly. We have lots of awesome apps or software for learning and teaching. However, most of them don’t have English vision. That makes them are difficult to be used by English speakers. I hope Chinese company can create more apps and softwares with English vision.

#1# A Video about the Impact of Technology

A fencing match at the Olympics where one of the athlete’s cell phone falls out of his pocket. You have to wonder, what was so important on the cell phone that prevented the athlete from being fully present at the Olympics. A text? A game?

The video was impressive. I knew this video in the discussion forms. I was surprised that technology are changing our life. As a educator, we need to know how to deal with the bad impact of technology.